//Faith No More

This presentation was created for a class project with @glitterandtwang for SI 523 Information and Control class at the University of Michigan. It’s created using Prezi, which I first heard about from @cgerben.

The intention of the project was to play devil’s advocate within the context of “information and control” within a prison system. Molly and I chose to take the stand that we would limit access to Islamic materials by inmates on the grounds that it breeds violent behavior once those inmates are released. This presentation attempts to explain the need for control through examples, our framework for implementing the control, and alternative belief systems for inmates.

Pressing the forward arrow will advance the presentation, and the cog-circular shape will zoom out to see the entire information map.

//In This Presentation, Frogs Can Fly

My first Prezi, created for @activelearning's Youth Media class at the University of Michigan.

I’m really proud of this presentation. Much more than my Faith No More presentation completed afterwards, this one can be “read” without any other context. Enjoy.